About Us


My name is Jennie Coleman and I am the owner of JLC Admin Solutions. We are an experienced administration company offering a wide range of services to businesses, churches and charities. At present we work with a diverse number of sectors including the construction, housing and entertainment industry.

We are based in Northamptonshire but we can offer virtual support all across the country.

With our flexibility and knowledge, we can offer a first-class service to all business owners and charities.


JLC Admin Solutions also assures its clients of complete confidentiality at all times. A Client Agreement Form is signed once timescales and costs have been agreed between parties. This confirms that JLC Admin Solutions will not, at any time, disclose to any third party information that is identified as confidential by the client. JLC Admin Solutions will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the termination of this Agreement.