Office Re-organisation

Do you not know where to start, your desk is a mess and you have no filing system in place, you cannot find any files on your computer and records are disorganised?

This is what we call Office Reorganisation. Through an initial FREE 1 hour consultation JLC Admin Solutions will assess what process is currently in place and how your business transactions or systems flow and suggest how they can be improved and implemented.

This is very much a working relationship between JLC Admin Solutions and the client to work together in setting up systems that work best and can be continued, with or without the ongoing help of a Virtual Administrator. Timescales for this can vary, we will be very transparent in giving continual feedback on the development.



Jennie has been an invaluable and influential part of the set up and development of Murder 57 Ltd. She not only has a handle on all the day to day operational administration of the business but is an experienced and calm voice of reason for advice. She works efficiently and accurately and is very reliable. Building my working relationship with Jennie has been easy and I now class her as a friend as well as a colleague. I would thoroughly recommend Jennie to any business going forward.

Jamie Owen Owner at Murder 57 Ltd 8th February 2017

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