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26 Sep

Feast or Famine


Feast or Famine

Is it just me, or in business do you either get months where your feet don’t touch the ground, or all the hot leads go very quiet. Being a sole trader, this is something that is taking me a little bit of time getting used to, the ‘Feast or Famine’!

As a Virtual Assistant, I’m very good at managing my time, so when the feast comes I have three main tips to share with you.

Tame the Feast

  1. Write to do lists each month and/or week. Set time-line goals for each weekly task to make sure you stay on track and deadlines don’t run away.
  2. Keep in touch with your clients. If something is taking longer, or maybe you don’t have all the information to complete the project, contact the client. Communication is key.
  3. Keep chasing the leads. The feast might be upon you but how long will it last? Phone back that potential client, squeeze in that networking event and go on that training course.

Well that’s the beast, sorry I mean feast at bay, what about the famine. How about trying these?

Feed the Famine

  1. Where is that, I will get it done when I’ve got time list?! I challenge myself to get at least one of these done each week/day when I am having those quiet periods.
  2. Don’t panic! If you continued with the networking, speaking to prospective clients and growing the business, the feast will come…. so I’m told.
  3. Arrange some time to meet with current clients. Check they are happy with the current work, is there anything else you can help with?

So whether you are taming the feast or trying to feed the famine, keep busy and keep focused.

Good luck on riding those waves of business and if you need any help on dealing with the feast, I am sure I will be able to help you see the wood from the trees.

04 Apr

Juggling Those Balls

Email Management will help keep that inbox clear! I have worked for many years dealing with customers from various sectors in an administration capacity and front facing in a retail environment. 99% of the time all a customer wants is someone to listen to them and help. Nothing tests your patience than a six-foot man screaming that he wants his order now and he is not leaving until he gets it!! I am proud to say he left happy and I didn’t have to practise my karate on him.

Are you able to fulfil your obligation to your clients by keeping them informed?

Have you ever tried to book something, tickets, night away, DJ, caterer and not been able to get the response you want quick enough, so you contact the next person on your list? Could your customers be doing the same thing? Too many times I have heard clients explain that by the time they reached that email the opportunity had gone.

Help is at hand in the form of Virtual Administration with JLC Admin Solutions. We can offer you assistance with managing your emails and diary to ensure that all correspondence are dealt with efficiently, speedily and professionally.

One of my current customers offers Murder Mystery events up and down the country (yes, murdering every weekend!), taking many bookings daily. This can generate a high level of emails to the enquiry@ or info@ email addresses.

After an initial consultation about the business, (what the standard responses are and the kind of information the clients may be looking for) I was able to manage that inbox with very little assistance from the Managing Director. She can then concentrate on running and growing her business. With only 1 hour a day all leads, questions and positive feedback are dealt with, no business is missed and any problems are dealt with, meaning the company can focus on delivering the customer care they have promised.

Fill up your diary with new business and exciting opportunities!

In addition, for example, if you are a DJ who receives many enquiries about your prices and availability, we can also manage your diary alongside your emails. This ensures that no business opportunities are missed and bookings are made in a timely manner.

Help is at hand and you do not have to struggle juggling those balls any more.

Please contact me for a conversation about how we can help you – 07985692089 or


23 Feb

Put Your Big Girl Pants On!

Put Your Big Girl Pants On!

I have been in business now for nearly 2 years, growing, tweaking and developing my virtual assistant business. The journey from the nervous beginnings to where I am now has been exciting, challenging and a steep upward learning curve.

The biggest challenge I have faced is networking!! I had been advised that the best and most effective way in growing my business is to get meeting people face to face. ‘People buy people’ they say.

So last year I decided to give it a try. Armed with my notes for my 1 minute elevator pitch and a pile of business cards, I hesitantly walked into the room. Luckily for me I already knew one face and on entering the room I saw another friendly face. Phew, broken in nice and easily I sat down with 6 other attendees ready for the speakers. All the time I was listening, I knew I would have to stand up in a room full of nearly strangers and sell my precious business. My palms began to sweat when the introductions started and before I knew it, it was my turn. I couldn’t let go of my piece of paper with exactly what I wanted to say but in 60 short seconds I was done and could breathe. That was the most nerve wracking bit of this whole self-employed journey.

After the introductions, it was time to circulate the room and get chatting to like-minded businesses. After speaking to a couple of people I looked around the room, another opportunity to ‘spread the word’. Everyone was talking to someone else, what now? Do I leave and take the success that I had been to my first networking event and survived, or do I continue to get to know more business people? I chose the latter, and started speaking to a lovely lady who I believe requires my services and made my first proper connection.

Walking away from that first event I was very grateful to Simon Cox at Kettering Business Network Group for his networking event and Bryan Lade for the one face I already knew. It was a great relaxed environment to meet like-minded business people.

I am pleased to say that after a few more networking events with KBN I am now even venturing out to other groups. If you are feeling a little like me on your first step of the journey, take a deep breath and (my favourite saying) put your big girls pants on!