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04 Apr

Juggling Those Balls

Email Management will help keep that inbox clear! I have worked for many years dealing with customers from various sectors in an administration capacity and front facing in a retail environment. 99% of the time all a customer wants is someone to listen to them and help. Nothing tests your patience than a six-foot man screaming that he wants his order now and he is not leaving until he gets it!! I am proud to say he left happy and I didn’t have to practise my karate on him.

Are you able to fulfil your obligation to your clients by keeping them informed?

Have you ever tried to book something, tickets, night away, DJ, caterer and not been able to get the response you want quick enough, so you contact the next person on your list? Could your customers be doing the same thing? Too many times I have heard clients explain that by the time they reached that email the opportunity had gone.

Help is at hand in the form of Virtual Administration with JLC Admin Solutions. We can offer you assistance with managing your emails and diary to ensure that all correspondence are dealt with efficiently, speedily and professionally.

One of my current customers offers Murder Mystery events up and down the country (yes, murdering every weekend!), taking many bookings daily. This can generate a high level of emails to the enquiry@ or info@ email addresses.

After an initial consultation about the business, (what the standard responses are and the kind of information the clients may be looking for) I was able to manage that inbox with very little assistance from the Managing Director. She can then concentrate on running and growing her business. With only 1 hour a day all leads, questions and positive feedback are dealt with, no business is missed and any problems are dealt with, meaning the company can focus on delivering the customer care they have promised.

Fill up your diary with new business and exciting opportunities!

In addition, for example, if you are a DJ who receives many enquiries about your prices and availability, we can also manage your diary alongside your emails. This ensures that no business opportunities are missed and bookings are made in a timely manner.

Help is at hand and you do not have to struggle juggling those balls any more.

Please contact me for a conversation about how we can help you – 07985692089 or